Below you will find Clinical Volumes instructions for use. You will also find sample data that you can use to try Clinical Volumes.

Note: these documents may be revised from time to time, so please refer to this Web page for the most current version at the time of using Clinical Volumes.

If you need more specific instructions and/or support for using Clinical Volumes, you can contact us on Skype or using the Contact form.


  1. Clinical Volumes Quick Guide
  2. Commands
    1. Toolbar and Menu Options
    2. Mouse and Keyboard
      1. Mouse
      2. Keyboard
    3. Colors and Clusters
      1. Color Commands
      2. Red Clusters
      3. Orange Clusters
      4. Blue Clusters
    4. Editing Options
  3. A Guide to Image Segmentation
    1. How to Open a Dataset
    2. How to Calculate Volumes
    3. How to Save Results
    4. How to Save and Load a Segmentation
  4. Extra Features
    1. Splines
    2. Sectors
    3. The Mass Calculation Option
  5. The Multi-modality SegmentationHelp in Converting Images to DICOM
    1. CT Segmentation
    2. Echocardiography Segmentation
    3. MRI Segmentation
      1. Adipose Tissue Segmentation
      2. Brain Segmentation
      3. Cardiac Segmentation
      4. Tumor Segmentation
  6. Help in Converting Images to DICOM


Sample Data